5 Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Are you seeing a frost coating on your windshield or the warning light on tire pressure for no reason? Know the winter comes. Unlike other seasons, Winter is not good for your car. We will explain why. Use our tips to keep your car in good conditions that run smoothly and safely on cold roads.

1. Winter Tires Checkups

Do you know you can special winter tires? Yes, there are tires which only for tackling winter cold. But we always recommend all-weather tires for saving money and double maintenance. These all-weather tires have supreme traction which is all you want on frozen skating roads in the winter. It gives full grip without losing the durability all the year.

2. Don’t Let Leaves Rest On Your Car

Apart from enjoying the bright and warm sun in the fall, make sure you also look at your car for leaves and debris. If you let unnoticed, there are chances you are unknowingly making compost in the car. The twigs, leaves, and other organic matter can damage the gutters, roofs, and ceilings of your house. It is the same for your car also. The debris collection will cause corrosion or leaks in the water pipes. So make sure the vehicle is free from them.

3. Be Ready With Your Wipers

Wipers are prone to fog, rain, and snow in winter. You have to clear the windshield enough to drive safely. In the past, people used winter blades which are specially designed for winter with rubber boots to move over the metal frames and avoid freezing. 

As of now, most of the cars on the road have a winter blade called beam blades which never compromise your visibility to freezing. But these are considered very expensive. So following the rule of replacing winter blades once a year is a money-eating task. The way to extend your wiper life is to use vinegar and window cleaner. Scrub the solution up and down. The black thing coming off is the dirt. The removal of this will help your wiper blades work better.

4. Have A Smooth Running Battery

If you have outdoor parking, your car battery has to face a lot in the winter. Test your battery often, particularly while winter. It does not cost you more to go to repair shops and run a battery diagnosis. Do not ignore the battery care and checkup, also replace if needed.

5. Have You Done A Nethers Survey Before?

The recent car models are equipped with underbody panels that are highly elaborate and low-hanging air dams to save the vehicle’s fuel and improve aerodynamics. These settings can be prone to car damage any time of the year but driving the same on the winter roads can change a small problem to an expensive issue. There are chances the entire panel gets ripped off and the hardware it is mounted on.

So make sure everything is tight from the front to back.

Another big problem a car has to deal with in the winter is corrosion. If it is impossible to stop for you, make try to slow it.